im so boring lol

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im so boring lol

Post by CasinoRoyale on Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:10 am

Okay. First, Hi guys. (Jesus it's hard doing this from an iPad...) You guys can call me Black, Blackie, ect. Whatever the heck you want. I dont care.
I was brought here by my friend Nef (yes sonic I'm talking to you) who was my first friend on Feral-Heart, which was the first social game I started playing. I later started playing the old IT and SoE. I moved back to Feral-Heart after IT turned into crap (even though that big update was nice, I still liked the old IT better.).
I'm known as Black-wolf or SonicSoundWolf on FH, was BlazeGothTeam87 on IT, and was Black-wolf on SoE as well.
I'm currently helping my friend Forever from Lastmoon on her IT server as one of the Mods, and I frequently play SecondLife as BurningBlaz3.
My interests are more in the range of Pokemon, Creepypasta, Sonic, Furries, that kinda stuff.
I'm a girl in real life. I have three pets, A loving husky named Sasha, a miniature poodle named Raycer, and a Madagascar Panther Gecko named Shado. (Yeah. We spell it without the W.)

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