Wansn't on the game and won't be on for some time

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Wansn't on the game and won't be on for some time

Post by Wolfeffect on Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:13 am


Wolfeh here

Imma here to tell you that I wasn't on the game at all but more on the site,it is cause I acctually got needed to another game named Feral-heart,where my gf plays and some other people,and I was needed to some Roleplays of friends,making presets and such and when I was trying to be on both games my pc totally ran crazy.
Also in some weeks I will go on a vacation so no internet at all so I might come on from internet-cafe on the site and not on the game because of the real life and such,after all it is summer break and Imma be on the beach alot.Anyways I am sorry for the much inactivity when I promised I would be active but I shall fix it out soon.

Thank you for understanding

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