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Post by Kibaz on Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:43 pm

Cat on the Moon Hi.. There Everyone I'm Kibaz You might know me from some other IT Servers I play But Plz Do not Mix Me From The Kibaz From Feral Heart I Am Not Him.. I Got This Name From An Anime "Wolves Rain" Anyways
Hi.. Time too get too know me Eh? I'm Currently Working For The Untamed Souls Staff Team I'm An Admin On their Site And In game.. I Am Very Kind just dont Annoy Me or my friends... that will u get on my bad side very quickly.. I Stand up for my friends no matter the cost or anything.. I am Loyal too all who are nice and kind to me and do back the favor always in return.. the reason im looking for a new IT Server At the moment is becuz are game and forum has been "Hacked" are forums are somewhat back too normal but the game still needs a new host i think.. and were still waiting on an update after we get a new host or its just something like that lol anyways whatever.. I am Very Responsible, Careing, Kind, Sweet, Loving, and Ect, lolz..
For now.. i think thats all u need to know about me.. so.. if u have any farther questions for me just..
PM me.. Byee  

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