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Tribes Of Traits *Sorry if placed wrong* Empty Tribes Of Traits *Sorry if placed wrong*

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:35 am

Please don't copy this or claim as your own.

For a millennium, the lands of Alvera has been engulfed in war. The empire of Sa'ldreon has extended it's foul taint, it's brutes destroying all in its way. The human alliance of Malidrema has long held it's ground against the fould invaders, but the sands of time have worn away at the soldiers The elves, from the Wood clans of the great Kuniji Forest to the High elves of Mount Eldenor have offered their alliegence to the humans, but they are not the only ones to take such a path, with the Dark Elves of the Shadowlands and the Goblins of the Fo'lek Caves pledging their troops to the empire. As each army recruits new races, from the Hobgoblins to the fear Warewolves, each side grows it's army, adding to their ranks, creating...

Since the dawn of their two races, the Luporians of Lyca and the Vampyrs of Nosfera have been blood enemies. Bound in ancient combat, the two races have given their alliances to the battling forces of Alvera. The Luporians seek a cure to an ancient curse placed on them, forever sealing their race in bodies no longer that of average mortals. Whilst they can suppress their powers for short durations, they were long ago forever doomed to carry out the rest of their days as Beasts, long ago when the mortal king of the Luporians betrothed his daughter to the Vampyric Prince, slaying him at the wedding. Enraged, the Queen of the Vampyrs cursed the kingdom of Lyca, sealing their permanent fate... or so she thought. The Emperor of Sa'ldreon's hand claims to have a way to cure the race, and shall give them the secret... provided they pledge their allegiance to Sa'ldreon. To confirm the treaty, it was agreed that the Vampyrs, who's war with the Luporians had driven both species to the brink of extinction, would be deemed enemies of the empire, to be hunted and killed on sight. By the sacrifice of a spy, giving his life for his people for the information, the Vampyrs soon learned the Luporian's plan, being given no choice but to ally themselves with the great alliance of Malidrema. After terms were agreed upon, all of the great armies had solidified their ranks and allies, preparing for the end of not one, but two ancient wars.

The great war may affect the entire realm, however, there is one group that cares little for sides or alliances with great nation. The legendary Mercer band, based in the Karzeranian Desert, are the largest freelancer band in the land of Alvera. Man, Elf, Zombyric, Vampyrs, Luporians, Kins folk, even Pyretels stand under the great banner. Though both the Empire and Kingdom have tried to buy out the Mercers, they would not surrender neutrality. This does not mean, however, that they will not battle, quite the opposite: They live on the great battle. The mercenary soldiers, though not as refined nor honor bound in their style as the trained knights and doomlords of their employers, fight without fear, in such a manor that many would consider suicidal. Yet it is their unique style that makes each mercenary valuable to their contractors, their ability to ensure the death of not one, yet hundreds of soldiers with hardly a thought. By being allowed their own styles, the Legendary Mercer band, Led by their appointed ruler, and strongest of all the Mercenaries, The Grand King Merice, the Mercenaries will pledge themselves to whoever is willing to take them... For the right price, of course.

Long ago, during the times of peace, the Farkin lived in harmony with all of nature, existing throughout the entire realm. Though most were no larger than a hand of a Man,their wing's appearence similar to that of a butterfly crossed with a dragonfly, some could grow to be the size of human children, their magics and abilities strong. A silent people, many kept to themselves, in forests or plains, rarely interfearing in the ways of daily life. But then the great war started, the corruption and violence spreading to even the most peace loving of races. Their homes were taken and turned in to machines of war, the darkness corrupted many, changing them, turning them wicked. Those who survived were forced from their ways, joining the Alliance of Malidrema. Though they were not a combat ready race, their healing and Magics were most valuable, earning what little of their kind survived a home with the race of Man. But what of the fallen Farkin? Those corrupted by the way of the Empire? Though few in number still, some survived, no longer Farkin, but a new race: The Sul'n. Serving similar purposes for their new dark masters, they pledged themselves to the darkness, feeding of the evil energies, using it to harness their own strengths and use it against their enemies. They care no longer for the ways of the land, they seek only two things: power and blood. Though time has further decreased the numbers of Farkin and Sul'n in the land of Alvera, what few remain live and die trying to reclaim their homes, be it for peace or power.


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Post by Arzulent on Wed Apr 09, 2014 4:03 am

Wow, the detail and wording In this Is quite stunning.
You had me glued to the chair, I'd love to hear more of this. <3 It actually sounds as If It'd make a great group, such a great story line. This must have taken you quite the while. I really appreciate this piece, It's truly great.

~ Arzulent.

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Thanks a lot hun, i'll think about making more ^-^


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