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Post by Nefadozone Mon May 27, 2013 3:19 pm

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Forum rules do not apply to the game(s), and should never interfere with a member or staff.

Default Star No verbal or sexual harassment. This includes but is not limited to religious slander and racial slurs.

Default Star No cybering in a public or largely populated map. That's not what this game was made for, get out and don't put us or the server administrator through this.

Default Star Keep the game PG.

Default Star No namecalling, low-blows, burns, or stupidly hurtful things.

Default Star Handle a hacking situation with maturity, know that our weekly backups may become corrupted and there is always a chance for you to lose your account.

Default Star No dimension hopping.

Default Star No impersonating a player or staff member.

Default Star No begging to the point where it has become a nuisance.

Default Star No bragging or boasting, even if you're blocked. It won't be tolerated.

Default Star Every member with the ability to kick or ban knows what they are doing. They have every right to feel offended and temporarily remove you from the game, if not permanently. With this said, do NOT tell a staff member how to do their job.

Default Star Do not yell at your fellow players if there is an active moderator or administrator in the map, it is not in your place to discipline when you have no power over their game play.

Default Star Do not advertise in local, or spam. Keep these and your antics such as dice rolls in General chat.

Default Star Do not take advantage of private maps to spam prey for the gain of items. You may merely ask an administrator to spawn you something if they are in the mood.

Default Star Rules may be added as needed. Default Star

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