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This title is in Indigo, and so is my soul

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This title is in Indigo, and so is my soul Empty This title is in Indigo, and so is my soul

Post by teganseth Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:49 am

Name: Tegan Seth. This isn't my real name, but I think Tegan is a cool name and Seth is a wicked last name so let's go with that!

Gender: Lol, what are those? Aka, none of your business.

Age: In the middle of the numbers 1 and 100. Find it out now, math geniuses. Gomonk

Country: Dart Frog Moo Coon Rooster Cutie Thing?

Main language: English

Second language: I am learning German.

Favorite things

Color: Periwinkle.

Bands: Milky Chance and Twenty One Pilots

Animal: any thing that breathes.

Music genre: Indie and its many sub genres. I also like alternative and rock.

Movie: Star Wars films and Marvel cinematic universe.

YouTuber: Shane Dawson

Book: Eragon series, Divergent series, Hunger Games series, Red Wall series, and Dragon Rider. I also like the Warriors and verious animal series by Kathyrin Lasky, but those are more quick reads.

Show: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Regular show, and Adventure time.

Emoji: This one by far Cutie

Anime: Digimon (all, except the newest one), Pokemon (first only), Hetalia: Axis Powers, Avatar: TLA and TLoK, and Sword Art Online. I'm getting into Fairytal and Naruto, so no spoilers.

Favorite Manga: Ugh, i forget what it is called. Shoot. That one where each person as an animal attribute and it can form with it to make a half-animal, half-human thing. the animals on there own had a human form. And the one main character was tricked into the dark side. SHOOT! If someone knows, tell me.

will update because I'm lazy right now.

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This title is in Indigo, and so is my soul Left_bar_bleue0/0This title is in Indigo, and so is my soul Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

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